Monday, July 12, 2010

I have not abandoned my blog!

My computer has crashed and so I can't get any pictures off of my card to put on here...and what fun are posts with no pictures. So, stay tuned for Ella's soccer (no good reason I hadn't posted about that but I was just being lazy and now can't get to the pics), crawfish boil, beach trip, Jude's birthday, beach trip, Gabe's supervision techniques and just the lazy hazy crazy days of Summer! This was more of a list for myself than for anyone interested in reading.


Carmen said...

i changed my blog address to I'm getting paranoid about using my last name; I have been getting some crazy emails to my yahoo account.

Derek and Michelle said...

I'm always interested.

hornefamily said...

You may not have a computer, but you have a big screen T.V. on your deck!! Priorities!!!