Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ice Ice Baby! (all pictures in reverse)

The last one in - crying the whole way!

Jada pulling Ella
BIG kids

swinging was a bad idea

Landon was well protected

boys turn

The start of the trip

yep, before we even left...I have NO idea what he did but he was NOT happy!

who turned out the lights~

Gabe fell right after this and was sad.

Actually it was really SNOW SNOW baby! We ventured out for a nice afternoon of sledding...which was actually about 30 minutes - we spent far more time preparing than actually playing! The best part, was probably the hot chocolate and that the kiddos played (inside)while Carmen, Puh, Jonathan and I sat around all day watching movies and talking...nice! The vegetable soup and cornbread was not too bad either.