Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

The week of Halloween was filled with craziness; Dr. appt, 3 soccer games, meeting at church, Trunk or Treat, supposed to be a field trip - however, the week ended in fun on Saturday night. The chaos of kids juiced up on cupcakes and excited about the candy was actually really fun. A big thank you to Mimi and Pops who supplied the pinata and some of the decor. Also, to Nana and Pepaw who brought me all their serving pieces. There was good food (as always), great friends (as always) as well as a Guess the Goo contest, Skittle toss and as I mentioned before a pinata. Thanks for everyone who came and brought their little Goblins to celebrate with us!
also, apparently there were no pictures or evidence that Ghostbusters were there...with Slimer -sorry Harringtons (you will have to send me a picture so I can add it on here)