Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camping 2009

Labeled that because more than likely we won't be making another trip in 2009....We did have a great time though. Luckily we had Phillip that planned, organized and catered the whole event! Carmen and I were able to stay in a cabin with the smaller boys while the bigger kids stayed in a tent. We dined on some great food (S'mores included), swam, the kids (including Jonathan and Phillip) fished and played outside catching bugs and just enjoying the great outdoors.


Derek and Michelle said...

So fun!! We'll have to meet and do it together next year.

Joni said...

looks like fun! and I did get onto picasa, but I haven't messed around enough to totally figure it all out. I just keep pushing buttons not knowing what I'm doing but just waiting for it to look good.