Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine craftiness

was in full effect last weekend. It started with a simple plan - heart crayons. The directions were as follows - peel crayons, break crayons, put in heart form, melt in oven, take out and VOILA. We hit a speed bump with the first step. The crayons did not peel so easily. Jude gave up after one and Ella and I spent about 30 minutes peeling 5 or 6. I realized this might take a while so we put it off until Saturday. However, Ella had the brilliant idea on Saturday morning of asking Jonathan to help. He had the brilliant idea of scoring the paper with a knife and then the peeling came right off....oh thank you! After that it was a breeze. We skinned 2 64 count boxes of crayons in no time. The rest of it was easy too. However, the kids were out after the first 12 crayons were made...I made the other 20. Oh well, it kept us entertained for a while.


The Nesbitt's said...

I used to do that when I was a kid. Did you use silicone cupcake holders? Reesi would love it.

Owings Family said...

Need a visual of the finished product! Again, my hat goes off to the White House Martha Stewart! Please tell me you're writing all this down for me?

Carmen said...

Lofton got one in his Valentine treat bag today. Cute idea.