Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay, I was tagged by my Harding friend Danna to list 7 things random about me. I find that sort of hard as I think it will be things people already know. I will try though....

1.) I think everyone knows that I DO NOT LIKE cold ketchup!

2.) I love babies soft feet and for a while was pretty sure Ella would never go barefoot. I have given that up and just feel the heels of babies that don't know how to walk.

3.) I have to watch about 30 mins of "mindless" tv a night. Jonathan would say AT LEAST 30 mins....

4.) Newborn babies make me cry - even those I don't know.

5.) My toenails are ALWAYS painted (I am pretty sure everyone knows that too).

6.) I have never given my kids a bath and not put lotion on them afterward - NEVER. (Jonathan has, I am sure, but if I am around he does).

7.) I am not a fan of toothpaste that is in the "gel" form. I like the paste.

wheww, that was very hard....and pretty boring for those reading I am sure! We are getting ready to go out of town so I will "tag" 7 later. Thanks Danna, it was sort of fun to think about it.


The Nesbitt's said...

I didn't know most of those things. Very interesting!