Thursday, January 17, 2008


I found a website that turns your blog into a book. It looks pretty neat and affordable. Since I have scrapped the scrap booking and I am completely incapable of keeping a journal I am going to try it. If this is the case, I am going to post more things that are probably going to be pretty uninteresting to most but things that I would like to remember. This is the story today.

As today was not really exciting, it is after all only 11:08, there were a couple of funny moments this morning. It began with Jude needing to "go potty". That is code for Jude free time in the bathroom "washing hands" or playing in the sink. Under normal circumstances it is okay and at least his hands are clean for a couple of minutes. This morning he managed to get the door closed AND locked. Jonathan decided sink time was over and tried to go in there. Of course with the door being locked it was not happening. After several "Jude come out right now", a few "Unlock this door", some "You are going to get a spanking" and even two "I am going to count to ten", the standoff was over (not because Jude unlocked the door but because Jonathan found the key) and ended in the use of the Very Sad Spanking Spoon! I thought this was hilarious and had I not been running late and trying to get ready I would have gotten out my video camera to show everyone exactly how it is done!

Also this morning on the way to school Ella was trying to explain to Jude that they were kids. Jude does not like nicknames so much (he has about 10) and always reminds us that "I'M JUDE!" The whole kid thing did not go over well as he adamantly declared that he was in fact Jude and then added on - not a kitchen! Jude is easily confused with words. He also calls Ella's Hello Kitty diary her "Hello Kitty diarrhea".


Nikki said...

That is so funny...a video would have been cute. Could you let me know what that website is that makes the book of your blog. I think that is a cool idea.

The Nesbitt's said...

My other friend was talking about that website. Is it blurb or blurbit or something like that?

Carmen said...

I need the website too. After spending hours on Landon's scrapbook this weekend, I am offically ready to SCRAP this hobby of mine. Let me know.