Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another lesson for young children: when we say don't flush the toilet, DON'T!

We were on time this morning. That in and of itself is very impressive in our household. However, things can change on a dime - especially if the declaration "we are actually early this morning" is uttered. Mysteriously our toilet became clogged this morning. Ella was the first to notice (even though Jonathan had left the bathroom mere minutes before). I told her to go tell her dad but DO NOT FLUSH IT. She told her dad and it was not really that important at that moment. She told him again - still not a real issue. Jude gets down from his highchair, goes into the bathroom and yes, flushes the toilet. Our bathroom floods with brown water. (You can thank me for not posting a picture.) Needless to say we were on time this morning but we were NOT early.