Saturday, August 25, 2007

Action Packed Saturday

Well, still no picture of the kids in front of the sign. I actually did get one of Ella - while Jude was crying face down in the yard - but I deleted it by accident...maybe tomorrow. Today was full of action though. We took the kids to a WHCA football game in the extreme heat where Ella had a great time with the cheerleaders. Jude was pretty content to sit and eat a ring pop. We had our first "lookers" at our house - also on the first day it was not clean so I had to run home and get it ready. Naps were taken by everyone then Belle (Ella) and Prince Charming (Jude) went to a Princess Riley's birthday party. Several cupcakes later I am settling them down for a movie before bed.....Jonathan has run to the office for an emergency extraction. Of course he has to rely on the help of our friend as an assistant since the last time I assisted I dry heaved into the trash can next to the patient! Tomorrow we will rest.